Gentle Haircuts, Without the Buzzzz!

No more tears! Calming Clipper® is the silent haircutting solution for individuals with sensory sensitivity.

"Mowgli gets vicious toward groomers and vets. To my amazement, he sat perfectly still while I groomed him with Scaredy Cut - he even seemed to enjoy it! - and he looks absolutely adorable."
Tara F.
Owner of Mowgli
"Angel feels more comfortable with her pet parent giving her the Royal Treatment!"
Karen G.
Owner of Angel
"Fox had a great groomer that moved but no one else ... could handle him. Fox handled Scaredy Cut well and I get to save time, money and aggravation. Thanks!"
Faith W.
Owner of Fox
"Oreo hates the noise of electric razors and would run away and snap at it. ... Just when I was about to give up hope I found your product."
Jessica L.
Owner of Oreo

Why try Calming Clipper?

  • It's silent - no  buzz!
  • The 17 Piece Kit includes a Haircut Guide Book and Case
  • Choose your length: 7 combs included (1/2" to 1")
  • Barber cape included to avoid hair falling on skin
  • Try it then decide: 2-year refund / lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Made In The USA

Haircuts Shouldn't End In Meltdowns

Every day, we hear stories of haircut trauma endured by those with sensory sensitivity, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Inspired by all the parents who shared their experiences, we created Calming Clipper to make haircuts manageable, gentle, and even fun!

Haircutting For Everyone

Anyone can give a great haircut with Calming Clipper. Its patented design allows anyone, from first-timers to experienced haircutters, to give a professional cut in the comfort of home.

Whenever, Wherever

The barbershop can be an unfamiliar place for children. And it's a pain to reschedule if they're not in the mood to go.

With Calming Clipper, haircut on their schedule, from the comfort of their favorite place, whether it's on the couch or in the bathtub.

Choose Your Length.

Calming Clipper comes with seven guide combs, like the ones found on a traditional electric clipper (but without the buzz!). Feel confident that you’ll get the length you want, while maintaining an even cut all-around.

Customize Your Comfort.

For your comfort, we've included two sizes of gel finger inserts, so you can customize your snugness level.

Happier haircuts, guaranteed.

We take our guarantee seriously. If haircuts aren't easier, then we'll happily refund your order.


Start by combing up against the direction of hair growth.
Cut off longer hair holding one lock out at a time.
Even the surface out with rapid cutting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sensory sensitivity, or hypersensitivity?

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder are often overwhelmed by the world around them. This is called hypersensitivity, and some examples of sensitivities are:

  • touch: your child is sensitive to certain types of clothes or fabrics, or people touching them
  • sight: bright lights, like a camera flash or sunlight, are bothersome
  • pain: a splinter or cut can be very painful
  • sound: background noise and loud or surprising sounds are distracting and can be painful
  • taste: picky eating habits have strict taste, texture, and color requirements
  • temperature: wearing a jacket on a hot day, or shorts on a cold day

Can I sharpen my Calming Clipper® blades?

In mid-2017, we began manufacturing Calming Clipper without a serrated blade because it cuts a larger variety of hair textures more easily.

So check your clipper: does it have a serrated lower blade? If it does, you may sharpen the upper blade with a traditional shear sharpener. We don't recommend sharpening the serrated blade.

Do I need to wash the hair before cutting?

Not at all. Dirty hair will dull blades over time and so our professional advice is to wash hair first. However, we believe that comfort and happiness is ALL that matters, so we recommend paying attention to the many other needs of your child (e.g., time of day, stress level) to determine if it's a good time for a haircut.

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