Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sharpen my CALMING CLIPPER blades?

Yes! The upper blade is easily sharpened. However, the lower blade is serrated to grip hair, so we do not recommend sharpening it.

What combs are included in the kit?

  • #1 (0.5")
  • #1 1/2 (0.55")
  • #2 (0.6")
  • #3 (0.7")
  • #4 (0.8")
  • #5 (0.9")
  • #6 (1.0")

What is hypersensitivity?

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder are often overwhelmed by the world around them. This is called hypersensitivity, and some examples of sensitivities are:

  • touch: your child is sensitive to certain types of clothes or fabrics, or people touching them
  • sight: bright lights, like a camera flash or sunlight, are bothersome
  • pain: a splinter or cut can be very painful
  • sound: background noise and loud or surprising sounds are distracting and can be painful
  • taste: picky eating habits have strict taste, texture, and color requirements
  • temperature: wearing a jacket on a hot day, or shorts on a cold day