Calming Clipper, The Hair Cutting Kit for Sensory Sensitivity

A haircut can be a challenging activity for someone with sensory sensitivities. Vibration and sound from an electric clipper can often be too much to handle. Introducing Calming Clipper™, the quiet alternative to the electric clipper!

  • Quality barber scissors with rounded tips and serrated blade
  • 7 combs included (from 1/2" to 1")
  • Comb Organizer
  • Barber Cape
  • 100%-satisfaction guaranteed!
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Step 1: Comb up against the direction of hair growth.
Step 2: Cut off longer hair holding one lock out at a time.
Step 3: Even the surface out with rapid cutting.

Calming Clipper Tip Of The Day

Every child and every haircut is different! Think of haircuts as a chance to learn what your child is sensitive to. We recommend that you keep a journal of your findings, and take pictures so that you can show your child’s accomplishments to them when they need it in the future. See more tips >

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